Developed by Infinite Automation Systems Inc.

This module contains the Mango AngularJS library and Angular Material Template with documentation and examples on how to create dynamic and fluid HTML5 pages for Mango Automation. Designed to create full featured web apps and modern HTML based HMIs



Graphics, Monitoring


Version Added Updated Downloads Notes
2.8 - 3.3.1 2017-02-15 2017-07-12 663 notes
2.7 - 3.2.4 2016-11-07 2017-07-12 69 notes

To manually install a module download the zip file into the <MA_HOME>/web/modules directory, and restart Mango Automation. Do not unzip the module files. The module file will be automatically expanded and any necessary installation will be performed upon start up. Multiple modules can be installed in a single restart. You can also automatically upgrade and install modules inside your Mango Automation application by going to the Modules page in the administration section.