Mango Automation is SCADA software for industrial control. Because of its highly modular design, you can put together the exact application that fits your needs. To get started quickly, download one of the Full Download files which are prepackaged with all the standard modules.

Core and modules

Mango Automation is based upon a core that provides the base services that the application uses. The core is written in Java, and so will run on any platform supported by Java (e.g. Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.). The user interface is entirely web-based, so the application can be run at any location, and be accessed and controlled using a browser from anywhere with network connectivity.

Mango Automation modules are plugged in to a core instance (by simply copying into a sub-directory), and provide the specific functionality you need to create your SCADA application. Modules provide functionality such as connectivity to equipment (via "data sources"), graphical user interfaces, dashboards, language translations, themes, and much more.

Modules can be and are developed by both Infinite Automation and the Mango Automation community. Many modules and much of the Core are open source on our Github.